SOG Flash II Review: Complete Buying Guide

SOG Flash II pocket knife has a very good name and a very favorite knife company from a very long before. Still today they are one of the leading brands in selling KDC pocket knife. Especially they achieved the best seller dignity in the USA by the Navy Seals and other military forces. Eventually, their business grew into better and bigger and became the official brand of knife particularly in the USA. Our SOG Flash II Review will help you why you should buy this knife

However, all their achievements are for their day to day better performances, incredible features, unlimited pros and facilities and price affordability. Rather it’s fairly simple looking blade is pretty much effective in slicing fast. During SOG Flash II pocket knife uses a piston mechanism for their lock up, that reduces a lot of unaware accidental events possibilities. They are tremendously tough materials and extremely difficult to break or damage.

SOG Flash II Pocket Knife Specs:SOG Flash II Review

  • Blade length: 3.5 inches
  • Overall length: 8 inches
  • Closed length: 4.5 inches
  • Knife-Color: Satin
  • Knife Size: Straight
  • Weight: 3.1 ounces
  • Blade material: AUS-8 stainless steel
  • Country of origin: Japan

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Some Benefits of SOG Flash II Pocket Knife

There are also some other advantages of this SOG Flash II pocket knife. Moreover, you will be amazed at this point that you could do the better practical task than a tanto or a hawksbill blade. Also as like a trailing point or a spear point, acts more all-around functional than a dagger and thicker, thus stronger tip than a clip point. As well as many other activities are available from around the outside of the home.

A Great Sense of Control

In the first place, the steel this pocket knife used is 420. This is good quality steel, and it always stays sharp and sturdy. Initially the thing at first catch your attention is its thickness. You found this SOG Flash II pocket knife only 13 inches thick. Overall the length of it is only eight inches as weighs 3.10 ounce.

In the meantime, Flash II comes with many variations in this model; there it comes with a straight drop point blade along with a satin finish. By this time it is available in the market with a partially serrated edge, a sheep foot blade point, a tanto blade point with a hard cased black tiny finish.

Here, the blade steel it used its hardness capability is RC 57-58 over time. However, do you know what the 57-58 rating refers? Well, don’t worry. Here shows your answer. In that case, it refers that the steel of it is tough, hard and it holds up to repeated blows.

Eye-Catching and Versatile Blade Shape

Another highlighting thing of this fabulous SOG Flash II knife is its drop point blade shape. That is a blade shape which is likely uncomplicated. Specifically, that is an edge, and it slopes down towards the tip slightly. Therefore, there are many applications are available for drop point now. Particularly it uses in everyday tasks as like opening packages to slicing meat at home.

There are also some other advantages of this SOG Flash II daily pocket knife. Moreover, you will be amazed at this point that you could do the better practical task than a tanto or a hawksbill blade. Also as like a trailing point or a spear point, acts more all-round functional than a dagger and thicker, thus stronger tip than a clip point. As well as many other activities are available from around the outside of the home.

Durable And Easy To Use

Till now, one of the best knife handle materials growing company is SOG Flash II knife. By the time many improvements added newly in this model, whereas those were missing in previous addition. Henceforth one of the improvements of SOG Flash II is it is a bit longer than the previous SOG Flash I knife. Either way; it always uses an updated blade which is slightly thicker and sharper. Further, SOG Flash II pocket knife is a great folding knife; you can carry wherever you go and can work under a lot of different types of situations. So the minimum hardness rate prevents it from the dent.

On the top of that, the beautiful satin finish of its grab anyone’s attention at a glance. By way of contrast, you should know its coating is brighter than other blade finishes. For example, think about powder coating or bead blasted coating those are brighter than but not as shiny as the mirror polish. Above all, including camo so many multitudes of handle colors are available for SOG Flash II, where from you can choose as your requirements.

Top Features (At a glance)

  • Alike its handle is very quite lighter.
  • Equally, it stays sharp opens easily and closes quickly.
  • Got most of the 5 stars due to factory sharp, edge extension.
  • It is very thicker, mostly housewives for opening packages, cut sandwiches, and more.
  • Handles made of glass reinforced nylon. It is a reversible, bayonet mounted pocket clip.
  • Including a safety switch – as for preventing it from accidental openings.
  • Mainly best for the family having kids where they grab the knife for playing.
  • The knife used such a technology that provides one hand blade opening.
  • It’s enlarges opening hole provides you with the easy opening facility.
  • Tip up and tip down left-hand facility with both left and right hand.
  • Undoubtedly solid construction out of strong stainless steel.
  • The ability to meet the basic and advanced requirements you expect.
  • An ideal choice for EDC users that is easy to carry and strong surface.
  • For ensuring user’s security, the knife has a safety lock integrated as like a push button.
  • In many cases it found the handles don’t feature any stainless steel liners, though it’s still very tough and durable.
  • Unlikely it might not adjust with “Tip Down” orientation like the pocket clip.

SOG Flash II Review: Customers Overviews

We all know that only the real users can tell the real picture of a product. In the same way, many real users of it shared their practical experience. And they discussed the pros, cons and great features of this SOG Flash II pocket knife. Concerning about you, we collect all those users’ comments that might help you take a right decision. By way of contrast, we found most of the user’s positive reactions, and they found happiness with this pocket knife.

Thereupon a great compliment found from Zanypoet. He said “I like this pocket knife so much that I have both smoothed and combo blade versions. It’s very lightweight. Thus the blade steel holds a decent edge, and it is very easy to re-sharpen. If I wear anything other than jeans, this knife is my first choice for EDC using”

Referred this SOG Flash II as the best pocket knife, another excellent customer said “I have been carrying this knife every day for five years. I love the pant clip that can attach to any of four different positions. The knife opens very speedily and naturally as one could want.”

Notwithstanding some customers also found not happy with it. On their point of view, it found that actually, they said about the safety when you use it you should be careful enough. Alike a caring customer named Topher said “Don’t get me wrong! The build quality is too good. But I would say it’s a little too powerful with the assistance. So much so that it could injure you if you are not careful.”

Hence, the last comment found from John Hogue said: “Good one-handed operating, holds the edge, slices through cardboard boxes with ease and still shaves, feels good in the hand.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How much does it weigh?

Answer: According to the digital postage scale, this knife weighs 2.8 ounces.

Question: Is it made in America?

Answer: It’s all the parts from Taiwan, but assembled in USA, Washington State.

Question: Does it come with any warranty?

Answer: It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Question: What is the product dimension of it?

Answer: Actual product dimension is 8*2*0.2 inches.

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Final Verdict

In today’s time, one of the go-to choice pocket knife solutions is SOG Flash II knife. The SOG Flash II Review helps you to choose the best pocket knife. It is the best choice for the outdoor enthusiasts and experts who always put a knife in their jeans pocket every day.Moreover, there are no many remarkable drawbacks of using this kind of solid knife. Mainly they used as a life savior in different tactical and survival situations with their great solutions. Henceforth it is quite safe to keep this with no matter wherever or however you are.

Since, its beautiful design and strong handles, that allows you to hold it comfortably as much as possible. With regards to, if you check all the valuable customer comments section, you can find yourself that your investment meets all of the exceptional values is provided. Still, it is one of the most affordable products available on the market. So don’t make it too late. At any rate, pick a SOG Flash II pocket knife and share your experience with us soon. You will find the most favorite pocket knife reviews with the best price on our website. Don’t miss these knives too.

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