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Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife Review

Buck 110 folding hunter knife is the greatest series of the Buck Hunter knife company. At first, Buck 110 folding hunter knife released in 1964. Since then it has been the number one choice for thousands of men and women as their favorite folding hunter knife for over 50 years. Eventually, it was the first […]

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Benchmade 940 Osborne Review

If you are a knife enthusiast or if you are hunting for a “Perfect EDC Knife” for your everyday life use, a good option is Benchmade 940 Osborne. Therefore, there are some other people for them a folding pocket knife is very essential, and they can never think life without a knife with them. Here is […]

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SOG Flash II Review: Complete Buying Guide

SOG Flash II pocket knife has a very good name and a very favorite knife company from a very long before. Still today they are one of the leading brands in selling KDC pocket knife. Especially they achieved the best seller dignity in the USA by the Navy Seals and other military forces. Eventually, their […]

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Kershaw Leek Review: Complete Buying Guide

Kershaw Leek by Ken Onion is one of the coolest pocket knives for those, who love to collect of pocket knives of using them in their everyday life. Once you saw them, read Kershaw Leek review about or start to use them, you will forget about other so-called pocket knife brands. And why not, the Kershaw Leek […]

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Kershaw Blur Review: Complete Buying Guide

Pocket knives are cool and practical, adding on to your swag immensely. And not to mention its usefulness in case of an emergency, the pocket knives, as the name suggests, can easily fit your pockets. Here we come with Kershaw Blur review which is another the best folding knife which is compact foldable design along […]

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